The river flows to the sea, right?  It is basic geography, isn’t it?  (I know the sea sometimes pushes up the river for a short distance).

So, putting a boat in at Toome and letting the river take you down to Castlerock is just a floating river ride? Yeah? Please agree with me!  Because that is what we are doing for our May Microadventure. 35.5 miles of a floating river ride – no exertion required!

35.5 miles of a down river float

35.5 miles of a down river float

We’ve hired the canoes (is it just me or are water-loving peeps all really laid back?).  Robin is going to provide a great deal of the gear so that we don’t have to pay Flybe too much to haul it over from Devon.  We think we will need 2 nights of camping, so I will have to air the sleeping bag and goodness knows how blue-mouldy the tent will be when I air it on the lawn later.

I’ve had a Khyam tent since 1993 to take to Canada.  It was probably one of the first “pop up” tents on the mass market and it has served me well.  I can remember having to demonstrate the quick release elbows in Algonquin National Park to a pack of RVers!  Now I just have to get it to fit diagonally into a suitcase.

We have considered buying bivvies but I’m still not terribly convinced.  For the time being, I’m arguing that the porch storage is paramount to keep things safe and dry!

In any case, like some adventurers, I hope to enlist a support vehicle!  Mum and Dad live nearby and there are a number of places where the river can be accessed with a cafetiere of coffee, pain au chocolate and Pimms!  And if this exercise and sleeping outdoor malarkey is too much, I’ll ring my mummy and she will come and get me!



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