I’m a little behind on my writing, so I’m writing about planning my June microadventure when I have already done it!

From the May microadventure I took on board that it was possible to lean on others too much in the planning  and execution of a microadventure.  So, what better way to kill that notion than to barely plan it and do a solo adventure!

About this time last year I discussed doing the Coast to Coast cycle trail (Whitehaven to Sunderland) with family and even bought the map and guide book from Sustrans.  This is the “famous” coast to coast and many do it. But, as my company is named C2C, I was going to do it as a link to the company name, perhaps for more PR reasons than adventure reasons.

When thinking about the June solo trip, I did want to cycle from London to Bristol along the Thames and the canals.  And I wanted to do it on a hired Brompton .  But looking at the work and social diary, I soon realised that there were very few opportunities to fit a trip of that length in.

Slightly less well known is the Devon Coast to Coast; 100 miles from Ilfracombe on the North coast of Devon to Plymouth on the South coast.  This was my goal for my June microadventure.

I bought the map and book from Sustrans and on the Thursday before the adventure started on the Friday, I looked at the guide properly before lunch!  I picked 2 campsites near the trail and decided that wild camping wasn’t for me on a solo trip.

And so was the extent of my planning!


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