By jingo, it was cold!  I was glad of that new Rab jacket.  An Atlantic storm pushed in, with squally showers and plummeting temperatures (well, for Devon anyway) on Monday. So glad to be under shelter – in the Exminster Golf Centre’s driving range!

Nope!  I still not sleeping outside!  But I am still microadventuring – I’m learning a new skill.

Actually, that is a bit of a fib.  When my brother and I were young, we used to go/were sent to Bobby Kelly, Fred Daly’s former assistant and the Castlerock pro from 1960 to 2001.  The rest of my family play; mum and dad regularly and my brother can pick up a club once a year and still put in a fine round with friends.  On recent occasions I have pottered around with mum, until my beginner’s luck runs out the door with my patience. So, to be honest, it isn’t a new skill – more like a refresher.

What would be new to me, would be to actually play a round of golf and my current aspirations are to try for a handicap and join some novice competitions this summer.  But I’m leaping far in advance of my first lesson on my Stage 1 course with Jody.

Our little group of 6 looks like it might be a bit of craic.  Buddying up 2 a bay, Nia and I, the only 2 girls (*cough) in the group practised the basics of the grip, stance and 50% swing.  Meanwhile, to our right, the boys are giving it hell for leather with clubs wrapping around necks!  Boys will be boys!

Jo teachin gNia to keep her head still

Jo teaching my bay buddy to keep her head still

It looks as if nearly all of us have picked up and used a club before, so I wouldn’t say it is an absolute beginners course. I’m pleased to say that I didn’t disgrace myself (or Bobby).  His teaching skills must have been so awesome that some 30 years later I can still remember my interlinked finger grip.   I top the ball frequently, hit the ground behind the ball and hit the ball with the heel of the club.  But, just once in a while, it feels and sounds sweet and that wee white ball flies out into the floodlit wind and horizontal rain.  And that makes my numb hands happy!

I came home buzzing with a head full of thoughts, kinda like the swing picture below.  A lot to remember and a lot to practice before next week’s lesson.  A cup of tea and a hot water bottle on my cold thighs finally thawed me out.  There is no way that I would be sleeping outside in that!

Too much information to know or remember!

Too much information to know or remember!


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