Perhaps there was a certain inertia but there definitely was a slight stumble in getting started on this microadventure world, for it took me quite a while to start thinking seriously about my January microadventure.

If I am honest, I think that I was initially corralled into thinking that microadventures were all about sleeping outside, under the stars.  This thought was reinforced by Alastair’s calendar that  had so grabbed my attention in late 2014.  It highlights equinoxes, blue moons and meteor showers.

Alastair's Microadventure Planner

Alastair’s Microadventure Planner

Those who know me know that I don’t like to be cold or even the thought that I might get cold!  So sleeping outside in January was not appealing to me – hence my inertia!

I had thought that I would sleep out in the garden, having already discounted sleeping out on the “green” opposite the house in case I was accosted by a ne’er-do-well that was passing through our somewhat quiet part of our housing estate!  But the garden was scaring me too!

I worried that I would be suddenly awoken from my comfy slumber on the outdoor sofa (with my hot water bottle and the back door unlocked, just in case) by one of the many neighbourhood cats jumping on me from the fence.  Perhaps I was more worried that I might catch up with the damn cat that is shitting in the middle of our grass and might not be able to contain myself!

In any case, having read a little more of Alastair’s blogs and downloaded his book, it became a little more clear that it was not all about sleeping outdoors under the stars, which was a good job, for when my other half suggested that he had a plan for my January microadventure, the local cats sighed a huge sigh of relief (and so did I!)


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