I’m often criticised for spending (probably!) too much time on Facebook, but once in a while my newsfeed comes up with something interesting. I can’t recall how Alastair Humphreys’ #microadventure challenge landed on my page but I do recall his pretty calendar picture! 

Alastair's Microadventure Planner

Alastair’s Microadventure Planner

Being an organisational freak, I immediately pictured drawing up my own – perhaps even using my recently downloaded PageSerif programme. And then, I left it at that – typical me!

That is until someone asked me on New Years Eve (technically New Years Day) what my New Years Resolution was – and I said (with gusto!) “a year of microadventures!” If I might say, never underestimate the power of whiskey and good food.  It makes scaredy cats courageous!

When I sobered up, I didn’t regret it.  Instead, I followed the Facebook page and pictured myself around the same New Years Eve dinner table relaying my year of adventures with lots of gesticulation, laughter and an audience in awe (having, I hope, been asked about my resolution – otherwise, that would be a little tedious for my dinner companions!)

And so it began.


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